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42% Polyester, 100% Waste

A small community, a large amount of textile waste

Rationale for discard

The pie chart highlights the categories for the current waste stream.

Each category offers potential solutions:

  1. Dirty or stained textiles makes up the largest category at 30%. These textiles are in good condition and are not placed in the restore for sale due to being dirty or stained. Through investing in a washing machine and dryer we could add value to this category and these items could then be sold in the restore.

  2. Worn-out, pilled and stretched textiles makes up the second largest category at 23%. These textiles are not suitable for resale but could be shredded and used in a stuffed application/product line.

  3. Out of season or overstock textiles makes up approx. 16% of the current waste stream. These textiles are in excellent condition but as we have limited storage space, we are unable to hold these materials for the next season. Instead of discarding this category a solution would be to upgrade the GIRO sea-can container with a dehumidifier and heat fan to ensure that all out of season clothing is stored in an optimal environment to prevent degradation from mold/moths etc. to then be sold when seasonally viable.

  4. Not fashionable/ not sellable makes up approx. 15% of the current waste stream. This category consists of textiles that are in good condition, but the design is dated, or the item has a large, embossed company logo. This category also includes fast fashion, low quality, imported clothing from China (i.e. Joe Fresh Brand from Canadian Superstore). This category depending on the quality of the fabric, could be either shredded and used in a stuffed application or used in a redesigned piece of clothing.

  5. Wrinkled makes up approx. 10% of the current waste stream. This category consists of clothing that is in good condition but will not sell due to be heavily wrinkled. Washing and drying these items would add value to then be sold in the restore.

  6. Damaged makes up approx. 6% of the current waste stream. This category consists of damaged clothing i.e. missing a button, zipper broken, ripped or item has a hole. Other than damage this clothing is still gently used and if repaired by local tailors, could be sold in the restore and therefore value added.

Category of fibre

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